A little bit about...

Here's where we tell you a little about our story. Cetona is the creation of Belinda and Drea Cahill, combining our many years of experience in the design and creative arts. Both of us have degrees in interior design (which is how we met at university), since then between us we been involved in graphic design, illustration, photographic retouching, painting, sculpture and, embroidery. We had both been working on separate projects and in differing areas but decided to unite our talents from the technical and creative areas we specialise in to create our wonderful range of wedding stationery, papercrafts and giftware.

Between us we are uniquely placed to be able to respond to most requests, whether it be a one off bespoke original creative piece or a response to a challenging brief.

Our wedding range style draws on capturing the special moments leading up to your big day, from your first kiss to a memorable day out, the stories and memories that stay with you, caught on paper to share with your family and friends on your special day.

We are always happy to help you with any requests or questions you may have about your order and the design process, so just get in touch with us by any of the methods we have on the website.

A final answer to a question you may have had, the name Cetona is the little town in Italy where we got married!